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23 Cambridge Science Park
Tel: +44 (0870 1) 997 128

Further Information

Services: web applications; database driven interactivity

These are the things that make the web more than just pages of information, smart software that add interactivity and dynamic features into websites.

Maybe you need to give your customers an online quote? Or take their details and provide them with information based on their request. Do you need to have a database of searchable contact information? Property listings? An intranet to share information privately within your organisation? The list is endless, but we love making different and exciting applications, so ask us if it's possible, and more likely than not, we'll tell you it is.

An example of this would be the software we created to interface with a proprietary lettings database for Redmayne Arnold & Harris. When they enter property details into their system at work, all it takes is the simple click of a button to transfer the information directly onto their website: No messing about, and an up to date listing of properties online.