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23 Cambridge Science Park
Tel: +44 (0870 1) 997 128

Further Information

Services: web design; accessible and standards based websites

A website that is well designed and aesthetically pleasing, as well as accessible and intelligently structured is something we provide as a given in any situation. We understand that your website is a reflection of your business and its values and objectives, and considering that a website is usually a prospective customer's first chance to form an impression on your company, it's an opportunity to shine right from the start.

We provide the strategy, vision and technology necessary to articulate your companies brand online - and let you profit from it.

Cambridge New Media takes special pride in developing web sites with, not for, our clients. You will be consulted and advised at every stage of the design process.

Websites are developed with an overall understanding of the desired marketing and promotional objectives, target audience, and other relevant issues to be used in promoting the site on the web.

Separation of content from design

All of our latest work is based on new standards based methodologies (CSS & XHTML) that separate the visual look of a website from its underlying content. This means that not only are the websites we build constructed in the most modern and accessible ways available, but also that they are future proof. If a change is needed further down the road, alterations are made only to a few select files rather than every page, and this means big savings when a time for change comes.


The other advantage of our standards based methodologies is that as a default, we strive to make our websites as accessible to as many different people as possible. Can a disabled user navigate your website with ease? We make sure they can.